Tim Brown in the mountains

Timothy M. Brown, retired astronomer, writes fiction under the name R.R. Corvi. The “R.R.” does not stand for anything. Rather, RR Corvi is the name of a variable star in the constellation Corvus, the Crow. In Greek mythology, Corvus was the sacred bird of Apollo—a not especially devoted servant of the Sun god. Feel free to make what you will of these allusions; Tim chose the name because he liked the sound of it.

Tim grew up in a literary family and read extensively from their collection of Sci-Fi and adventure paperbacks. Authors Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, and Isaac Asimov were early favorites. As a child of Sputnik, Tim grew fascinated with all things technical, earned degrees in physics and astrophysics, and pursued a long career in astronomy. In 2016, the National Academy of Sciences awarded him their James Craig Watson Medal for contributions to astronomy.

Tim and his wife, Rosie, ski and hike in the Colorado mountains and indulge their grandchildren whenever the opportunity arises. Tim also makes telescopes and related gizmos in his shop and uses them to fortify his long-term love of the night sky. The Brangus Rebellion is his first published novel.